Yes on Measure N allows residents to stay in the homes some have lived in for decades.

Your YES will allow me and my neighbors to stay in our homes. Thank you!

Arnie Placencio (10 year resident)

Alexandra Toma (5 Year Resident)

Esmeralda Cajero (20 Year Resident)

Rochelle Creef (21 Year Resident)


Your YES vote means families who have lived in this community, some for more than two decades, get to stay. Single moms, members of the Calabasas workforce, and seniors can stay instead of being forced out of their long term home to look for something affordable.

The solution is to build 161 new units on vacant land within the property to subsidize 80 units of long-term affordable housing. An environmental analysis concluded there would be no significant environmental impacts from so few additional units. The existing level of service for traffic would remain the same. In fact, the Calabasas planning department staff recommends approval.

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